Some facts about me:

  • Work experience in law firms, companies and research projects.
  • Ph. D. in Juridical Sciences.
  • Laureate of Golden HSE Award.
  • Graduate of the National Research University Higher School of Economics.


of my work

  • Detailed analysis of your problem.
  • Dealing only with current legislation.
  • Documents correctly drawn up.
  • My motto is: I care.
  • Holding to the terms and other parts of agreement.
  • I help my clients as I would help myself.
  • The clients get only those services which they actually need.
  • Keeping confidentiality.


3 simple steps

Getting acquainted and estimating

  • You describe me the situation and your wishes.
  • I consider them from the legal point of view.
  • We make a decision about our further actions.


  • I take actions within our decision.
  • You get the necessary information about the order and the meaning of the actions taken.

Getting the result

  • You get the result in a required form.
  • Thank you for contacting me!


Clients' opinion

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Elena Mikhaylyuk

An individual

Thanks to my friends` recommendations, I finally found THE BEST LAWYER EVER! Her name is Sablina Maya Aleksandrovna. Competent, Honest and Sociable specialist. Moreover, she is a person of ready sympathy, easy to communicate and always ready to help you! During the year of litigation she was the only lawyer whose aim wasn`t to get the money for doing nothing (I`ve met three like that). She works out her 150% and always keeps in touch with you. Now I know that I`m safe from the legal point of view. I wish I had found Maya earlier, in April 2016. I would have won the case long ago and wouldn`t have paid extra money to the rascals. Thank you so much, dear Maya Aleksandrovna!

Aleksander Leonidovich Lindenbraten

The first deputy director of FGBNU/ Federal State Scientific Institution National Research Institute of Public Health named after N.A. Semashko, Doctor of Medicine (senior research doctoral degree in this field), professor

I want to mention the quality of Maya`s work, her informal approach to the problem. She tries to go deep into the case as much as possible and find a solution in a creative way. In addition, she thoroughly structures your problem, considering not only the carried out fragment but possible intercommunications with other aspects. It`s also necessary to add her strict following to the terms agreed and clear speech of high quality.


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